What We Talk About When We Talk About Justin Bobby

HILL-ACIOUS Justin Bobby, Audrina

An Open Letter to Mr. Adam Divello,

Seeing as you’re the creator/exec producer of the now-out-of-season production The Hills, I was hoping you might have a minute to talk about Audrina and Justin Bobby. I’m usually up to speed on these matters, but I’m pretty confused. Justin Bobby is always telling Audrina that they are not boyfriend-girlfriend, and Audrina usually says much of the same. But when we see them together, you flash their names up on the screen, and under “JUSTIN,” it says “Audrina’s Boyfriend.” OMG! If this is true, I’m happy Mr. Hair Care finally committed.

But then it continues. That dude from the band asks Justin if he and Audrina are “hot and heavy.” Who says stuff like that? People over 30? (This is not a dig at you, Adam.)

The questions do not end there, Divello.

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