What If They Threw An Impeachment And Nobody Came?


Yesterday, that delightful Congressman and hobbit from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, made a resolution regarding the impeachment of George Bush. Today a vote will take place on whether the resolution will go to the House Judiciary Committee; if that vote passes, it will die there. If that vote fails, then the House will vote on it immediately, and it will fail. This action merited a one-paragraph wire story in the New York Times and a decent six paragraphs in the Washington Post. In 1998, President Bill Clinton was impeached by the House, on trumped-up charges perjury and obstruction charges resulting from the extra-lawful, unconstitutional, and deranged fishing expedition by Kenneth Starr, of what was then called the Office of the Independent Counsel. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opposes the impeachment of Bush because she believes it will be divisive. Really.

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