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What If Sarah Palin Put Everything In The White House on eBay?


By now, you’ve probably heard about how maverick moose-eater Sarah Palin single-handedly reformed Alaskan politics by putting the governor’s private jet on eBay. Sure, it didn’t sell and she had to hire a aircraft broker to unload the thing at a $600,000 loss, but no matter! This story demonstrates what’s important about Palin: a) she’s a reformer and b) she’s not afraid to recklessly throw stuff on eBay.

It got us thinking, what happens if John McCain and Sarah Palin win the election and she has all the valuables in the White House at her eBay-loving fingertips? Might she try to reduce the nation’s eye popping debt by unloading some of the goods? We brought aboard Official eBay Guru Gregory Kusch to advise us on how much money Palin could make for the American people by taking her eBay know-how to the White House: