What Anderson Cooper Wanted To Be When He Grew Up, Brought to You By Rachel Sklar Productions

As has been documented endlessly on this limitless Web of ours, Huffington Post media blogger Rachel Sklar is the following: possessed of a not-too-shabs bust; Canadian; prone to prolixity; sunny. She is also, we fondly note again, not quite the owner of on-camera ease. Not that we should talk (as if that would stop us), considering our own on-air allergy. Still! The news anchors, they do like to be alooooone in the warm glow of the little red light. “You’re uncomfortably close,” Anderson Cooper tells her during the above convention conversation with the CNN star. Kudos, however, to Ms. Sklar for eliciting from Cooper his most earnest childhood desire. We’re pretty sure we wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face through that one.

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