Wenner’s Lad a Late Bloomer?

JUST MARRIED Alexander Wenner

The restless ambition that made Jann Wenner a publishing prodigy seems to have skipped a generation. Yesterday’s New York Times announced the wedding of Wenner’s son, Alexander, to one Emily Eisen-Berkeley, a recent graduate of the New School. The Times notice lists no occupation or higher education for Alex, 22, save for a four-year stint, ending last year, as an intern for a video game company.

The Post, meanwhile, reports that the boy is a “computer genius” who’s been taking some classes, and skipping others, at NYU. In his desultory attitude toward higher education, it could be said that he takes after his father, a college dropout. But by the time Jann Wenner was 22, he had already founded Rolling Stone, an achievement that would make him fantastically wealthy and earn him a place among ’60s icons. On the other hand, it took a $7,500 loan from his wife’s parents to get it off the ground. Maybe marriage will have an equally salubrious effect upon Wenner fils.

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