We’ll Give You Change, Loony People In Northwest Say To Obama


“The head of the Snohomish County Republican Party is apologizing after volunteers sold fake $3 bills depicting Sen. Barack Obama in traditional Arab headgear, with a camel…. Snohomish County Republican Party chairwoman Geri Modrell told the Herald that she called volunteers in the booth to have it removed when she first heard about it on Tuesday. ‘I want to apologize to anyone upset or offended by seeing it,’ she told the paper.” [AP]

Okay, first of all, only in Snohomish, you know? Second of all, guys, the man has a bajillion dollars sitting in his campaign chest. You couldn’t have upgraded him to the $4 bill? There’s a joke in here somewhere about Making Change, but we’re too dizzied by the realization there is a Snohomish in our midst to make it. Oh and Obama? Still not a Muslim.

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