Olefactory Girl

EAU DE EW Silver Factory

Woo-hoo, kids! Wanna smell like Andy Warhol‘s Factory??? You know, that emblematic eau de smoke, urine, heiresses, and tin foil? Well, as of December 1 you can wear this art juice on your very own body, care of boutique perfume house Bond no. 9.

Describing the perfume “Andy Warhol Silvery Factory” as the artist’s aura in “liquid form,” Bond no. 9 explains the scent as “a smooth, smoky, spicy blend of interlacing incense (a key scent of the ’60s), wood resin, and syrupy, seductive amber.” While this sounds more like the smell of our eighth grade bedroom than The Factory to us, we decided we’d give Warhol’s aura a test run.

The results? We get a whiff of pine-based cleanser, baby powder, and Grandma’s closet. Oh, and by the way, that’ll cost you $230.

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