Waggin’ Tongues With Gene Simmons

NEED A LIFT? Simmons

It doesn’t take a genius to know Gene Simmons is always hot for sex, money, and power.

Wednesday night at the Hard Rock Cafe, 59-year-old Simmons, along with co-front man Paul Stanley, were hawking Power Tour electric guitars to the tween and teen demographic to add to their multi-million-dollar fortune. The guitars, toy-like mini electric instruments made by Hasbro, interactively let youngsters play along with 12 pre-recorded songs or plug into an mp3 player and jam along to their
own tunes.

Naturally, Stanley had to try and smash one. However, in what amounted to a metaphor for the rocker’s former band, he failed. Backstage, the two did what they do best these days: product endorsement. But while Simmons struggled to keep the topics on all things KISS, we attempted to stray a bit, asking if he’d consider returning to his birth nation of Israel and taking on a political leadership role. (He’s been know to get political).

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