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Voters: Derek Blasberg is SocialiteRank


Mystery solved! You’ve voted, and you believe (55 to 45 percent) that the mystery writer behind Park Avenue society blog SocialiteRank is scenester Derek Blasberg (not fashion scribe Peter Davis).

Oh, sure, Blasberg has denied it. And the twittering we hear from uptown suggests Isaiah Wilner might have some other ideas when his New York magazine article hits newsstands. Radar contacted several subjects who contributed to Wilner’s piece, and if they are to be believed, he’s nowhere near as in touch as you people. Says one interviewee, “Wilner didn’t even seem to know who these girls were a few months ago. I can’t imagine he’d figure out who’s behind all this drama.”

Then there’s People’s Revolution überflack Kelly Cutrone (publicist for rumored NY mag story subject Olivia Palermo), who had this to say about the allegedly dubious tactics employed by Wilner to get his story: “I think it’s pretty pathetic when you [Wilner] have to trick people into getting in your story. It’s like giving a girl Rophynol so she’ll fuck you.”