Vince’s Co-Ed’s Blog Disappears Into Fat Air

FRESHMAN 1,500? Uribe, Lane (inset)

Scandal cycles move so quickly these days we sometimes forget to check in with the wonderful new friends we meet week after week. Take, for example, Mallory Lane, the delightful 20-year-old co-ed who may or may not have broken up Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston but definitely did write about Vince on her blog before attempting to delete it.

Hey, what’s she been up to lately? We thought we’d swing by her blog, When In Rome, and find out how things have been … WHOA! WHAT THE … Bad idea! Following the link redirected us to a different blogspot site called Not So Empty Nest Syndrome that features a prominent photograph of Manuel Uribe, often referred to as the world’s fattest man.

If that’s not upsetting enough, there’s nothing—nada, zilch, zero—about Vaughn.

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