Key to Islamabad Tourism Less Brutality

VEILED THREAT Burqa brigade

Good news for ladies headed to Islamabad for a little summer fun: You may not get swarmed and savagely beaten by a roving band of burqa-covered, baton-wielding women after all!

Thank Pakistani forces, who are finally confronting the wily Ghazi brothers, heads of the radical Red Mosque. The two mullahs have been bumping bellies with Pakistani authorities for months and have frequently used young women educated/brainwashed at their mosque to do their dirty work.

The brothers unleashed the so-called “Burqa Brigade” on the city earlier this year after announcing that the Red Mosque would finally do what the government would not—cleanse Islamabad of un-Islamic behavior. What followed was months of stick-wielding women rampaging through the city, destroying sinful merchandise at music stores, beating up women for driving cars, threatening to cut the legs off of females wearing jeans, and in one case, dragging masseuses thought to be providing “un-Islamic services” out of their parlors.

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