Vanessa Williams is a Beauty Wiz!

TAKING THE PISS? Williams (Photo: Getty Images)

Vanessa Williams, who returns alongside America Ferrera, Rebecca Romijn, and Judith “Angela!!!” Light to the set of Ugly Betty this Friday, was tight-lipped about the goings-on in TV land. But she did excrete a few drops of beauty wisdom for us.

While Williams wouldn’t spill any Betty bombshells, the woman who plays evil editrix Wilhelmina Slater was more than happy to talk about tips for getting camera-ready. She admits to wearing Spanx (“Of course! Doesn’t everyone?”), and sweats it out in the gym at least three times a week, (yoga, weight lifting, or treadmill). “If you don’t keep it tight and activated, it all droops and it’s not pretty!” sighs the over-40 femme fatale. And for those red carpet moments? “I’ll cut out sugar and any kind of carbs,” adds Williams.

We wondered, though, what was the most unusual fountain-of-youth fix that the dethroned Miss America had ever endured. After all, pageant pretties have been known to put Vaseline on their teeth and Preparation H under their eyes, all in the name of pulchritude.

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