Valium Nation

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS Pills, Amy (Photo: Getty Images)

Is anxiety the new depression? According to Radar‘s Fame-O-Meter, anti-anxiety medication Valium has passed anti-depressant Prozac in online popularity. Why the sudden high? Perhaps it’s rising, recession-induced anxiety levels … or maybe it’s just a side effect of Amy Winehouse‘s crack home video, back in the news after she was arrested and then released. She doesn’t just look to be smoking crack on the tape, she also slurs on about taking Valium. The calming pharmaceutical also scored a recent supporting role in the drug video of Peaches Geldof, another party-happy British bird who reportedly shares a dealer with Wino. Whatever the cause of Valium’s rise, Radar says RELAX, and get your weekly fix of the Fame-O-Meter!

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