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Us Weekly Casts Its Anti-Palin Vote


As if we weren’t getting enough campaign coverage from the cable snooze networks, the weeklies have decided to jump on the political bandwagon.

OK! devotes the same gush-y coverage to Barack Obama‘s family that it usually reserves for starlets and their babies. Michelle and Barack divide chores 50/50—he does the laundry and she folds! They even bring in a psychologist currently not treating the Obamas to talk about how the couple complements each other.

And taking a cue from the National Enquirer‘s John Edward‘s affair scoop, Us Weekly decides that they, too, can do political scandals (the whole four-page spread sorta feels like that Friends episode where the girls decide that they can play poker), and Janice Minn‘s minions launch a full-on investigation into Sarah Palin, the VP candidate with a vagina and knocked up teenage daughter.