Goodbye Tyler Gray

GRAY’S ANATOMY Sorry, It’s Early (Photo: Nicholas Hussein Digital)

Sad times here at Radar: Senior Editor Tyler Gray is leaving us today, headed for Blender, where he’ll serve in the same capacity. Tyler, a veteran of both the current iteration of Radar and its previous incarnation, is well loved in these parts for his drive, his integrity, and his tallness. Seriously, dude’s like a tower.

When not busy penning classic stories like “Is Your Baby Gay?” Tyler has been the driving force behind Fresh Intelligence here on the Web. His commitment to the site has built and strengthened it to a point where we’re pretty much panicked as to what we’ll do without him. We’ll probably manage somehow, but it won’t be the same without his infectious energy and competitive spirit. For all he’s brought to this institution, I like to think of him as the Radar Guy.

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