Ty Pennington’s Extreme Hangover


Extreme Makeover: DUI Edition: Home improvement hunk Ty Pennington was arrested Saturday on DUI charges, and now he’s trying to remodel his image.

Own your own Bungalow: Nightlife empress and Bungalow 8 maven Amy Sacco continues to brand lifestyle, this time with a new real-estate gig in lower Manhattan. Presumably the condos’ decor will be heavy on mirrors.

Blowback: Gatecrasher and the Daily Mail have new details on the sad demise of hat-loving fashion muse Isabella Blow. Did she poison herself?

Dissing the Queen: The queen of the big screen, Helen Mirren, has turned down a meeting with the real Queen Elizabeth II so she can hang with Nic Cage in South Dakota. Scratch her name from the future dame list.

More Queen dissing: Our own King George has plenty of free time in this lame-duck days—enough to not only meet with the Queen and put on a white tie, but also enough to make her feel 300 years old and get a royal glare in return.

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