TSA No Longer Tossing Your Complaints in Trash

  • Dreading Thanksgiving travel? Who isn’t? In fact, you’re probably reading this on your PDA in some endless airport line right now, since delays are already beginning to ripple through the system. Here’s something to cheer you up while you fantasize about killing that woman in front of you who insists that her obviously oversize bag meets the carry-on guidelines: “Complaints about Transportation Security Administration screening at airports have surged in the past several months,” reports the Wall Street Journal. No kidding! Even Donald Trump, Jr., has some issues with security. But the TSA has a good reason for the rise in passenger dissatisfaction: “[I]t wasn’t counting all the complaints before: The agency concedes that until May this year, it was losing customer complaints and under-reporting traveler gripes.” So they haven’t gotten any worse; they’ve just gotten better at not ignoring you. Have a good flight! [WSJ]

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