Trovata Imitates Zoolander

TROVATIANS Faux European (’06), Farrell (’07, inset)

How did California-based hype-machine Trovata top Fashion Week 2006, when the house duped <a href="us all into fawning over two Rolls Royce-riding faux Eastern Europeans (and a very frizzy cat) clad in the designer’s couture? With Jane’s Addiction’s cartwheeling frontman Perry Farrell and dance-fighting models. Poppin’ and lockin’, fool!

Unlike last season’s mystery, this year’s performance was less free-form and even had its own space, the former home of club Tunnel in West Chelsea. Farrell belted out two songs as a host of Trovata-wearing dancers practiced capoeira, the Brazilian dance style that was once the provenance of 19th-century African slaves. A tad high concept, perhaps, but no more head-scratching that the show’s tagline: “If they expect us to expect the unexpected, doesn’t the unexpected become the expected?”

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