Film Critics: Mental Retardation and Black-face are Hilarious


A few months ago, when the first stills of Tropic Thunder hit the Web, the PC police were expectedly up in arms about Robert Downey Jr.‘s foray into black face. But with the film’s opening today, attention seems to have completely shifted from the “race-baiting offensiveness” of Downey to the “tasteless” and “offensive” Ben Stiller, who, at one point in the movie, plays an actor playing a mentally disabled actor. More than that though, mental disability groups are upset about the repeated use of the “R-word,” a world so vile we won’t type it here. So it seems that everyone made fun of in Tropic Thunder is pissed about it, movies reviewers, on the other hand, couldn’t care less. They just want to laugh. And who cares about offensiveness if it’s funny? They don’t!

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