Top Model Dying for Ratings

DEATH BECOMES HER Whitney in the “Stabbed by a Model” challenge

Model behavior: As if feminists didn’t have enough reasons to hate America’s Next Top Model, the show features a battered women series of pictorials. HuffPo’s on it.

Kal Penn State: Kumar and Taj actor Kal Penn is set to teach two classes at Penn in spring 2008: “Images of Asian Americans in the Media” and “Contemporary American Teen Films.”

Fire woman: Mary Weiland, wife of Velvet Revolver singer/addict Scott Weiland, gets arrested for burning $10,000 worth of the former STPer’s precious clothes in their front yard.

Illegal aide : An aide of Sen. Jim Webb is popped for carrying a loaded pistol belonging to the senator into a Senate office building.

Photo: The CW/Mike Rosenthal

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