Tommy Girl Left Standing at Daddy’s Show

TOMMY BOY Hilfiger

Unless you’re Marc Jacobs, being fashionably late is just plain awkward. That was the case today as Tommy Hilfiger‘s daughter (and, who can forget—Rich Girls alumna?) Ally Hilfiger found herself without a seat at dad’s runway show in Manhattan, where the front row included Emmy Rossum, Diane Kruger, and long-time Hilfiger supporter Russell Simmons.

Though Ally had been placed in a plum front-row seat, by the time she finished double-kissing the assembled crowd, someone had swept in and grabbed it, leaving the dutiful daughter standing even as security guards uncovered the runway before the show. Finally, a flack intervened, bringing a folding chair to the front row to confirm Ally’s A-List status, and thus avert a looming father-princess spat.

We have to say, though, it would have been hard to miss dad’s designs, even from the nosebleed seats: Hilfiger’s presentation, inspired by “Lauren Hutton power dressing” and “English schoolboy style,” featured pink mens’ blazers and trousers emblazoned with enormous embroidered seahorses. Take that, Ralph Lauren.

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