TomKat, One Year Lamer


Has it really been almost a year since Hollywood’s least believable couple tied the knot?

Yes, Scientology poster boy Tom Cruise and the muse behind the crazy couch jumping, Katie Holmes, will celebrate their paper anniversary on November 18, and the glossies celebrate by giving them ink and running red carpet pics of a haunted-looking Katie towering over Tom in Berlin.

Sounding more and more like that fat kid in high school who lives vicariously through her head-cheerleader best friend, OK! recounts paint-drying-ly boring details of a romantic dinner the lovebirds had last Valentine’s Day and compiles a top ten list of rules that they use to keep the marriage going. Who knew a shared love of Cold Stone Creamery would keep a couple together? There’s even a box of B-listers wishing the couple well. “I’ve met Katie and she is so nice. I hope that she has a wonderful anniversary,” gushes actress Nikki Blonsky. Hmm, does the fact that Blonsky stared in Hairspray make that make that fat girl comment too mean?

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