Troubles For Tommy Boy

EXTRA PROBLEMS Cruise (Photo: Getty Images)

Extra cash?: The shitstorm continues for Tom Cruise and his noble Nazi flick, Valkyrie. Twelve extras on the film are suing Cruise and Co. for $11 million for injuries sustained on the set after a period German army truck burst open.

Plot hole: Following further investigation, the AP reports that the assassination plot against Barack Obama posed no real threat; it was just some meth-heads with some walkie-talkies.

They can’t be that clever … or selfless!: Celebs in Denver this week for the DNC are deliberately keeping low profiles so as not to give John McCain fodder for yet another celebrity ad.

CLICK HERE, IT’S SO TASTY!: Rats for dinner; celeb parent sex; America’s sweetheart sued!; and TiVo is still trying!

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