Let’s Never Fight Again, Promise?

ARE YOU GOING TO BEHAVE? Redstone, Cruise (inset) (Photo: Getty Images)

Crazy talk: Tom Cruise and Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone are, you’ll be glad to know, kissing and making up. Redstone had booted Cruise from his lot in 2006 for his crazy pants antics promoting Mission: Impossible III but now seems convinced Cruise is once again totally normal.

All is forgiven: John McCain and Mitt Romney campaigned and fundraised together in Utah Thursday, where Romney once totally kicked McCain’s ass. So yeah, let’s all speculate about a McCain-Romney ticket. Feel queasy yet?

Family jewels: Just how are J. Lo and Marc Anthony spending their baby picture millions? Jewelry, fancy nurseries, back taxes, etc.

MORE, MORE, MORE!: You too can translate the tabloids; Brody Jenner gets shown the door; and Clint Eastwood loses his day job!

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