Tom Cruise “Is Totally and Completely Indoctrinated”


By now you’ve undoubtedly seen “The Video” (on the off chance you haven’t, Gawker still has it up), in which it is established beyond all reasonable doubt that Tom Cruise, the once-irresistible leading man from such American classics as Top Gun and Risky Business, isn’t playing on the same field as the rest of us. But where exactly is he playing? How did this happen? Is there any hope for him? For these answers and more, we chatted with Scientology expert Rick Ross, the founder of the Rick Ross Institute for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements.

Radar: So what’s the first thing that strikes you about this video?
Ross: It reveals the extent to which Tom Cruise views everything in the world through the lens of Scientology. He is totally and completely indoctrinated. He sees himself as the chief visionary of Scientology, and it’s obvious that the Church perceives him that way, too. He’s essentially become their number-one missionary. What’s shocking is how fully the line between “Tom Cruise the person” and “Tom Cruise the Scientologist” has been erased.

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