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Did TMZ Chief Harvey Levin Order the Bitch Roll at Nobu?


At about 2 a.m. EST, a tipster IM’d to tell us: “Harvey ‘Diva’ Levin went to Nobu LA last night with a clean-shaven, half-his-age hustler type boytoy.” No problems there. His show’s highly rated. His site’s a traffic monster. Dude is feeling his oats.”The hostess sat the twosome down at a table near the kitchen. The TMZ boss was instantly annoyed with his table and started to berate the hostess, while he was screaming at his assistant on the phone.” So he’s a multi-tasker. “He demanded another seat and the hostess showed him every other two-person table in the restaurant, but he tells the girl there ‘isn’t anything that is appropriate for me in the restaurant’ then stormed out of the building. I was surprised to see him lose it like that but he must be under a lot of pressure, especially when most of his staff threatened to quit during sweeps.” A TMZ rep confirms that Levin was there but insists he absolutely did not storm out and thanked “everyone,” even the hostess. Was someone not shooting camera phone video?