TMZ Finds Friend in Felon for OJ Scoop


In its latest exclusive, TMZ posts a tape of O.J. Simpson allegedly robbing a couple of sports memorabilia dealers in Vegas—possibly at gunpoint (a charge Simpson has denied). On the revealing five-minute recording, Simpson is heard telling others not to let the alleged robbery victims out of their hotel room and hurling threats about them trying to sell property he says the dealers stole from him.

Fred Goldman has already moved to take possession of that memorabilia, and Simpson has since been arrested and is being held without bail, facing six felony counts.

But just how does TMZ manage to get such a scoop? By doing a deal with Thomas Riccio, a four-time felon convicted on arson, prison escape, and stolen property charges. He was standing next to O.J. during the alleged event, recording the whole thing on a digital device. TMZ paid him for his recording, which Riccio withheld from police investigating the alleged crimes.

Man, we gots to get us some of them Time Warner bucks!

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