Kristian Laliberte, Socialite Pivot Man

PLENTY TO GO AROUND Laliberte, Mortimer and Palermo (insets)

As the rivalry between Tinsley Mortimer and Olivia Palermo threatens to become this generation’s Ali-Frazier, a growing number of spectators are asking the same question: Who, exactly, is playing the role of publicity whore Don King? Beleaguered fashionista Kristian Laliberte, for one, wants you to know it’s not him.

Laliberte, a former Rachel Zoe aspirant who now serves as PR director of a clothing label called Unruly Heir, re-entered the fray today after it was reported that Tinz (Frazier?) is annoyed that brother-in-law Peter Davis has been fraternizing with Laliberte—”Olivia’s best friend.” Au contraire, says Laliberte. “Olivia is just an acquaintance of mine I see at events,” he claims over the phone. “Tinsley too. I think she’s a very successful handbag designer. I wish them both the best.”

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