Tina Brown Works Out the Bugs in New Site


Former magazine Buzz Queen Tina Brown is evidently hard at work on her upcoming buzzy, Barry Diller-backed news aggregation website. The New York Post reports that she’s hired fancy design firm Number 17 to lay out the site, and has interviewed 15 people for the general manager’s role.

It’s not all smooth sailing for Brown—the former New Yorker and Vanity Fair editor and author of the forthcoming The Clinton Chronicles Brown—in her first foray into the digital world. She reportedly hired Nymag.com design director Ian Adelman. But he’s apparently back at New York after some sort of cryptic blow-up. Editorial content overseer Edward Felsenthal, who came to Brown by way of the WSJ and Portfolio, said only that he and Brown felt it was “too early” to have a full-time art director. Brown did not respond to an email seeking comment. But given that we still kind of get a data overload-induced seizure every time we visit the re-designed nymag.com, perhaps the parting of ways is best for everyone involved.

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