The Huck Stops Here


In a short few weeks former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has gone from a weight loss success story with an effed up kid to legit Republican front-runner. Great news, right? Well, kinda.

The good involves the likely spike in fundraising that will accompany Huck’s invigorated campaign. The bad includes uncovered dirt that’s spilled across the news over the past week and constituted the first real blemish to Huck’s campaign. The ugly? It’s coming. It always does.

So what’s a God-fearing Southern Baptist like Huckabee to do when the media goes from listing his name with Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo to digging through his trash? For starters he can take some tips from PR guru Matthew Traub who spent years working on capitol hill and now handles celebrity crises at Dan Klores Communications.

Huckster, you’re in the PR/ER!

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