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Campbell Begins Custodial Artistry

TIME TO LEAN? TIME TO CLEAN Campbell arrives, shit-kickin’ boots in tow

Happy Monday!: Naomi Campbell begins her week of sweeping up at Manhattan District 3 Garage, Pier 36—punishment for chucking her phone at a maid. Sadly, she’ll be indoors.

Anas to the rescue: In the fifth excruciating season of The Surreal Life, Nicole and Paris will work as counselors at a fat camp.

Skewing younger: MySpace has launched a political channel called “Impact” to get your little sister interested in politics.

The “Tubies”: YouTube announces the “YouTube Video Award,” where LonelyGirl15=Katherine Hepburn.

NORMLized: Clenching the Phish fan base, Bill Richardson plans to sign a bill making New Mexico the 12th state to legalize medicinal marijuana.

Photo: Getty Images

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