Time After Time

OLDEN TIME Pathfinder in 1995

Blazing a new Pathfinder: The Wall Street Journal reports on the latest online scheme for Time Inc., namely shifting emphasis to “Sports Illustrated, People, and the company’s business magazines—the titles seen as having the most online growth potential.” That could mean bad news for Time‘s online outpost, despite its buzzy hiring of ex-Wonkette Ana Marie Cox as its Washington bureau chief and incorporating blog journeyman Andrew Sullivan. According to the Journal, Time.com still draws huge traffic (more than People.com), but “its potential to draw significant online advertising is limited by its broad appeal.” Insert your own joke about People probably appealing to more broads here.

Speaking of easy jokes: The New York Daily News‘s Rush & Molloy report that naked photos of Desperate Housewives co-star Marcia Cross are being brokered by smut of the stars-peddler David Hans Schmidt and can’t resist quoting him as saying, “She looks absolutely gorgeous. And yes, the carpet does match the curtains.” Worse yet, they step on the joke in their opening sentence: “Marcia Cross is a real redhead—judging by some nude photos that the genuinely desperate ‘Housewife’ hopes to keep off the market.” Twice as gross.

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