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The ‘We Are All Guilty’ Edition


Coke vs. Pepsi. Kennedy vs. Castro. Heidi vs. L.C. Epic yet minor rifts when compared to the timeless power struggle between New York and Los Angeles. In the name of settling this battle royale, each week Radar will take stock and determine which city truly holds the competitive edge.

This week: They say that tragedy can bring out the best, and worst, in a person. Apparently the same goes for cities. In the wake of Heath Ledger‘s unexpected death, both New York and Los Angeles had opportunities to show softer, gentler sides. As it turns out, neither city is soft, nor particularly gentle. Would this crap fly in Chicago?

L.A.: Paparazzi continue their investigations of Britney‘s nether-regions. The Internet becomes an even more lonely and soulless place when, subsequently, photo agency X-17 posts the pop star’s “incredibly nasty” lady-stainage on its blog. Is uterine lining no longer sacred?
NYC: Paparazzi clamor outside 421 Broome St., jockeying for the money shot: Heath Ledger‘s body being wheeled out of the SoHo apartment.
Advantage: A slim win for L.A.