The Waverly Inn Takes Over Philly, Kinda


Is Philly-based French chef Michael O’Halloran shameless, clueless, or both, asks You see, O’Halloran chose a rather curious name for his new French bistro in the City of Brotherly Love: The Waverly. (Perhaps he’s just trying to capitalize on the Internet popularity of a certain similarly named restaurant owned by a certain rotund editor in chief?)

Fret not, Graydon Carter, O’Halloran isn’t totally biting your style. A seven-course prix fixe tasting menu at the imitator, which O’Halloran claims is named after a local street, will run you $55—the price of just one serving of truffle-laced mac-n-cheese at the ever-chic West Village eatery.

Wonder if you can do blow at the Philly one as well.

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