Maybe Hard-Drinking Shrew Has A Lot Of Stress At Work, Did You Ever Think Of That?


If Radar had an official animal it would, undoubtedly, be the bear. There’s nothing we like more than the dance moves, sleeping habits and rampages of those fury ursine bastards. But just when we thought our bear love was impenetrable, along comes a report showing that the pentailed tree shrew, an ugly little rodent with a feather on the end of its tail, is the hardest drinking creature in the world. And we can’t resist a drunk. According to scientists, the pentailed tree shrew drinks the human equivalent of nine glasses of wine a day in bertam palm nectar. Sure, that sounds like a lot. But is it really worthy of the “hardest drinking creature” label? Hell, we have a harder-drinking creature in our very own office! [If this joke goes through, does it actually prove itself correct? –Ed.]

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