The Terrible Trials of Tigger and Friends

THUG FUR LIFE Tigger on trial, 2004

Something about the Tigger costume brings out the freak in Disney employees. This time, a man working inside the oven-like fur suit at the Disney MGM Studios in Orlando allegedly cracked a 14-year-old in the head. Lest there’s any doubt about the nature of the mauling, the boy’s father, Jerry Monaco of Greenville, New Hampshire, caught the incident on video, which should land on YouTube any minute now.

“At first, I was upset at my son,” Monaco told AP. “I thought he did something to Tigger. But then I reviewed it, and it is pretty clear; for no reason, he just clocked him in the face.”

Well, that’s one side of the story. Another might be that a grown man earning around eight bucks an hour to breathe a toxic melange of his co-Tiggers’ mouth vapors in a suit that heats up to 120 degrees in the Florida sun finally reached his breaking point.

Whatever sparked this latest bout of cartoon-on-kid violence, it’s not the first time Tigger’s wayward paws have landed him and his 100-Acre Wood posse in a pinch. After the jump, a look back …

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