Widow Defends Brown’s Right to Die

The afterlife: James Brown’s widow, Toni Rae Brown, is, understandably, having a tough time dealing with her loss (and with the allegation that God has a direct line to the Globe). But you have to admit, there’s nothing more entertaining than an on-air mental spaz-out.

The spoils of fame: Josh Hartnett allegedly gets special treatment in a downtown Manhattan bar bathroom. Hilarity ensues.

Coming soon to Lifetime: After narrowly escaping being sold into white slavery, Daryl Hannah will go on a covert mission, strapped with surveillance equipment, to expose the dirty truths of brothels around the world.

Why you don’t screw your agent: The agent who brokered the release of the alleged Dustin “Screech” Diamond sex tape claims it is fake and that a stunt cock was used.

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