The Real Names of the Rich and Famous

THE SECRET SPICE IS IN THE O Gerald (Photo: Getty Images)

Have a few hours to kill at work? You’d be well-served by poking around Cityfile, a new site that’s essentially a cheeky, Wiki-style Facebook for 2,000 of New York’s most notable power players. Profiles for the chosen few—everyone from Anna Wintour to Puff Daddy—are written in-house, though users can sign up to contribute; most contain fun little tidbits that you’ve probably forgotten and gleaned from other sources. (Film exec Harvey Weinstein, for example, blames his legendary temper on “unhealthy glucose levels,” which makes perfect sense to us.)

There’s a pretty exhaustive “list” section, in which you can browse for folks in such categories as “once married to a second cousin” (hey Rudy Giuliani), but we decided to come up with our own: The real names of famous folks:

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