The Problem With Terrell Owens


Terrell Owens? He’s a really good dude. I just wish he’d get out of his own way and show you,” writes ESPN’s LZ Granderson. LZ is like practically the world’s only gay sports columnist, by the way. He goes on about the image issues faced by the Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver: “He’s still the guy dogging Jeff Garcia and doing the crunches. I believe that because football is such a macho sport, any sign of weakness could be used against him. And because greeting the world with a hug and a smile isn’t readily associated with masculinity and strength in this country, he occasionally has to act out to protect himself.” Um. Uh. Owens just doesn’t fit in! He has a manufactured macho persona! He’s not like the other boys! In the words of my sports-minded friend, “It’s like he just left out a paragraph at the beginning or the end.” Yes.

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