NBC’s Poker After Dark Player’s Child Molesting Past

BAD HANDS Sheikhan

NBC’s Poker After Dark might be of interest to another peacock network employee: To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen. The Dateline correspondent may want to know that one of Poker‘s star players, “Iron Sheik” Sharhram Sheikhan, served nine months in prison for three misdemeanor counts of child molestation in 1995.

Sheikhan’s past was first noted by gambling911.com, and the story was picked up by select blogs. One, seeing that Sheikhan had a MySpace page (a convicted molester with a MySpace page? Why not Facebook?), tried to get the popular social-networking site to remove the profile. MySpace said that the “content [had] been removed,” but Sheikhan’s page was still online as of January 30.

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