The OJ Simpsons Get Fox Blocked

Juicy Simpsons: Fox is pressuring video uploading site to remove parodies of The Simpsons entitled The OJ Simpsons. Not sure if they know their friends at YouTube are hosting the videos, too.

Death in the Amazon: A year after Dick‘s gay daughter Mary Cheney gets a rumored $1 million advance, writer Michael Petrelis finds her book for sale on Amazon for $.07.

Running for president : It was the onset of diarrhea that caused fringe Republican presidential candidate Tommy Thompson to declare that employers should be able to fire employees for being gay at last week’s Republican debate.

Adult situations: An eighth grader and her grandparents are suing the Chicago Board of Ed. because a teacher showed Brokeback Mountain in class, causing the 14-year-old “psychological distress” and a sudden inability to “quit you.”

Survivor: Iraq: Camera crews will trail Prince Harry as he makes his way through Iraq.

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