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The Official Alex Rodriguez-Madonna Scandal Rundown

GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION Rodriguezes, Lenny (l.), Madonna (r.)

Are you as confused as we are as to who slept with whom and when in the bizarre A-Rod/C-Rod/Madonna/ Kravitz love quadrangle? Probably! So let’s take a minute to go over what we all know, now that things are coming into sharper focus.

Cynthia Rodriguez, A-Rod‘s long-suffering wife, has formally filed for divorce from her stripper-loving husband. A-Rod makes a lot of money and has a lot assets. She wants half of everything, as well as shared custody of the kids. However! She signed a pre-nup, which complicates things. Which is probably why she’s hired four different lawyers in two different states to handle the proceedings. It’s unclear whether the pre-nup is void in the event of extramarital hanky-panky, though we’ll find out soon enough.

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