The New, Cuddly, Cute White Supremacists


USA Today has a bizarrely neutral article up about how white supremacists are toning down their image to better appeal to the masses. They’re updating their uniforms (from brown Nazi uniform with a swastika armband to black fatigues), changing their names (from Keystone State Skinheads to Keystone United), and altering their tactics (from violent confrontations to gatherings in public libraries). And if anecdotal evidence can be trusted, it’s working! According to Jeff Schoep, head of the National Socialist Movement, more and more white folks are being drawn to the movement as they become upset about immigration, worry about Obama, and fret about the economy. “We are the answer for white people,” Schoep said. Yikes!

But let’s step back here a second. Are we supposed to believe the MSM and its inherent biases against white supremacists? Not a chance. Which is why we went to Stormfront, a white nationalist site with 144,000 registered members. What are the soldiers on the ground saying about this supposed rebranding?

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