One-Legged Anti-Smoking Poster Boy Still Puffing Away


The lung cancer–related death of Wayne McLaren, one of the original “Marlboro Men” used in the tobacco company’s iconic ad campaign, served as a stark reminder of the hypocritical nature of cigarette ads. New York smoker Skip Legault has him beat by a mile.

According to the Daily News, Legault, who was recently featured in one of those graphic, state-sponsored anti-smoking ads designed to guilt you into quitting, has endured multiple heart attacks, strokes, and the loss of his right leg on account of his nicotine habit, yet still sucks down half a pack a day. “The more I watch my commercials, the sicker it makes me feel,” Legault says. “I’ve lived longer than the doctors told me and it’s tough to change something while you’re still going.”

The commercial, which can be viewed on the Daily News website, does not disclose the fact that Legault is still a smoker, though Legault says state health officials knew he was before filming. Regardless, the guy’s dedication to his habit is nothing short of admirable.

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