The Long Albany-NYC Girl-Fight Begins


While New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg beats current Governor David Paterson in polling for the 2010 governors’ race by 11 points, it’s still true that no one wants to see Bloomberg as a V.P. candidate. That won’t be a problem, because at one time or another, Bloomberg has denied his future interest in every particular public office. Except Pope! No daring reporter has asked him to rule out his interest in the Papal Seat. Yet. But Bloomberg still—for this day and age—has an incredible approval rating, better than Paterson’s and A.G. Andrew Cuomo‘s certainly, mostly because in New York City the trains run on time usually and because Americans tend to believe in a mystical trickle-down theory: That when rich people get richer, we all benefit. But this poll was taken before this morning’s totally wacko New York Post story, in which Paterson “reportedly” (as everyone keeps noting) trashes Bloomberg.

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