Hills: Party Fouls, Foul Parties

JOCK-COCK BLOCK? LC, Steph (Photo: Getty Images)

Radar online promotions and biz development dynamo David Cho says I’m a little hard on The Hills. And, you know, maybe he’s right. Some weeks, all I can imagine is Lauren Conrad‘s bank account rolling over a cool $75,000, or the development office at USC trying their damndest to scrub Whitney Port from alumni records. But not this week, friends. Because this week, some social business got truly SORDID.

At Fashion School we find out that it’s Stephanie Pratt‘s birthday. Lauren asks if she can bring Doug. “You have a guy in your life?” asks Stephanie. Yes, a guy. AN ATHLETE, NO LESS! STEPHANIE’S FAVORITE KIND OF GUY! On The Hills, Stephanie’s interest is the equivalent of a gun over the mantle in the first act of a Chekhov play. It is going to, metaphorically, go off. (The foreshadowing continues as Doug and Lauren meet at a creperie called Creperie. She tells him about Steph’s party. If I may mangle a Chris Rock joke about late night visits to ATMs: have you ever been to a creperie in L.A. for anything positive?)

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