The Hills Is Almost Upon Us!

In some non Eliot Spitzer-related news, hey, we’re just two weeks away from the season three premiere of fake MTV reality show The Hills! We previously posted this trailer, but Us Weekly brings us the above clip from the first episode, in which Audrina Patridge (the dumb one) tells Lauren Conrad (the pretty, conflicted one) that Brody Jenner (the pretty, bippy one) got a girlfriend just two days after Lauren arrives in Paris (important because remember how Jenner didn’t want to “exclusively” date Lauren?), and then Whitney Port (the pretty, vapid one) does that thing she always does where she sort of rubs it in Lauren’s face while trying to be supportive (see also: Whitney telling Lauren she was going to Paris before Lauren got a gig). Anyway, like we said, T-minus 14 DAYS!

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