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The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People: Blond Edition


So we’re poking through The Hill’s recently released list of the 50 Most Beautiful People of Capitol Hill expecting to see some real leatherfaces (beautiful in DC is not real beautiful). We were wrong. Believe it or not, there are some actual hotties on the Hill. And apparently, they’re all young blondies. Well, not all, but of the 27 women on the list, 11 are blond and under 30. Two of those young blondies made the top ten list, which just happens to be headed up by the only black women under 30 on the list, “Statuesque beauty,” legislative assistant for Massachusetts Representative Ed Markey and Michelle Obama channel-er, Tulani Elisa.

But perhaps more interesting than who did make the list, is who didn’t. Hello? No Barack Obama? The man is the “biggest celebrity in the world” but he’s not beautiful enough to be one of the 50 Most beautiful People of Capitol Hill? And 81-year-old Virginia Senator John Warner is? We’re sensing a flawed methodology.