The Government’s Other Secret Bailout

  • Last night on Fox Business News (whatever, I was changing channels, and yes, I was the only one watching!), the TV show was filming a local radio station taking calls from Angry Americans. This is sort of like how CNN uses Twitter except that the method dates from the 1950s. All the Americans calling in were saying things like, “I am an eighth grade history teacher and I read the Constitution and there is nothing in it about paying off the bad debts of people who refuse to pay their mortgages, who are too lazy to pay their bills!” These people were 1. totally reasonably angry and 2. really selfish, nasty, and ignorant. Well, just wait until they hear about that other bailout! Last year, Congress approved nearly $2 billion just to give away to people who are too lazy to pay their bills! This year? They’re going to bailout America with $5.1 billion dollars!

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