The FCC Is Patently (If Fleetingly) Offensive

BOOB TUBE Breast, Jackson, Timberlake

Those foul little critters at the FCC had their asses handed to them today in court, ruling that CBS shouldn’t have to pony up cash because AMERICAN CHILDREN WERE ONCE BRIEFLY EXPOSED TO A BREAST on the TV. This is wonderful! CBS v. FCC—not to be confused with the Supreme Court case of CBS v. FCC of 1981, in which the big three networks were forced by the FCC to air paid programming by presidential candidates—went to the Third Circuit, where everyone had a big laugh remembering the ancient history that was Janet Jackson‘s breast exposure at a SuperBowl halftime show. GOD, WHAT CENTURY WAS THAT? Sometime between Pompeii and Krakatoa, near as I can recall?

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